All partners are responsible to fulfill their tasks given below:
-presentations about school, city and region
-surveys, analyses on their topics
-creating and applying and interpreting questionnaires
-presentations about results of questionnaires

TURKEY: First Aid - Nutrition-Accident and body injury
creating first aid instructions manual
creating handbook about international menu
creating video about eating habits
creating warning signs/signboards to prevent from injuries at school
designing website

BULGARIA: Smoking and drugs-Sick pupil
creating project dictionary
creating video about dangers about drugs
creating booklet about preventing from ilnesses

HOLLAND: Physical condition, sports-Educational problems
creating video about sports/aerobics
creating photo-album about popular sports

ITALY: Optimum weight of human body-Mental health in school
creating a tool to measure body mass index (BMI)
creating video about stress of pupils
ITALY school will be involved in the project through a survey of the eating habits, to discover the effect of food on weight.. Clarify the relationship between the food and growth of the body, know which problems may arise when the weight moves away from the best, for to get an ideal diet. Discover relations between physical activity and body weight.
Survey among students to identify the behaviours that can affect the well-being at school, to stimulate young people to express their hopes and fears in the school environment. Build with the students a welcome model to overcome the difficulties on first days at school.

FRANCE: Me, my family and fitness
creating posters about family relations
collecting datas from partners and preparing a book about health life style.
Our project « Me, my family and fitness » consists in bringing knowledge to protect one’s health through one’s diet. The aim is to raise awareness of students about eating habits or behaviours such as obesity, anorexia and other eating disorders.In order to minimise these risks, students will gain a better understanding of their body through food (being aware of their needs, RDA (Recommended Daily Amounts), through sporting activities (eating, physical activity). Finally, people around the students and their family will be informed of the benefits of keeping fit.This implies running experiments in key strategic areas and providing excellent learning experience.

Description of mobilities and other activities
start date
Preparing posters, presentations about theories of topics.
February 2012
Creating materials;

Turkey: first aid manual

Bulgaria: project dictionary

Holland: video about sports

Italy: creating a tool to measure BMI

France: posters about family relations
March 2012